Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I can't believe it's been a week already

I've joined my first ever online critque group which is going to be so fun. I used to love critiques in college. I think it's the narcissist in me that gets pleasure out of someone reading something that I wrote. I'm due to submit on the 15th (or possibly before), so this means I have to buckle down and get writing. The story I'm workshopping is ... East Water. Yes. Again.

I wasn't too happy with the last draft. I thought it was good, but I thought it could be better. I'm actually not sure if East Water can ever be exactly what I want it to be. The story seems too massive for the bindings of a book. I'm hoping that I can maybe write it so that it can be an ongoing series, but I'm not sure the story justifies that either. I suppose we'll see where it goes in the critique group.

I had a dream the other night where this plot bunny came into my head. I took that plot bunny and ran with it, so now I'm in the midst of writing another young adult book about a vocal pop group. No really. I'm already a little too in love with it. I'll keep you guys updated on that.

I added a short story to my Writer's Cafe page if you guys want to check that out. It's under the "writings" section of my site. I meant to add more of these old short stories that I wrote, but I'm having a very hard time finding some of them! Talk about the ultimate nightmare. I've been thinking a lot about certain stories that I *know* I wrote, but they are nowhere to be found on my laptop. I'm starting to get paranoid.

Anyway, the short story I added is one that I wrote for an online fiction challenge years ago. I was experimenting with writing a story that used no dialogue whatsoever. This was an exercise for me because dialogue is like my crack, so I tend to rely on it a bit too much. This short story probably highlights why I should never write a story without dialogue again. :[

I guess at the end of each update I can put what I'm reading. Currently I'm reading The Tortilla Curtain by my former 'SC prof, T.C. Boyle. This is something I probably should've read ages ago. Better late than never right?

Until next time!

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