Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Once a week. Promise.

I've set a new goal for myself. Let's see if I keep it.

So on my many adventures this year, I was able to do a road trip around the country with my friend, Edie. We were gone for a month, and what we both discovered was that we could do this again, and for a longer period of time. It was absolutely amazing.

I should've kept a blog during the journey, but realistically, there's no way I could've updated from the road that often. When we weren't driving, we were sleeping, and when we weren't sleeping, we were falling in love with all the amazing sights that our country has to offer. There are some beautiful things here, but there are also some really weird things.

I took so many pictures, and there's no way I could put them all here, but I will share one. At some point, I'll put the best ones on the Flickr. It's hard to pick just one to share, but I picked this one because one day I want to live on the beach, maybe this beach, and this is what I want to see in my backyard.

Big Sur, California

Isn't that gorgeous? I love being in places where I feel like I'm in an RPG video game, and this definitely fit the bill. I just wanted to explore and climb the rocks and swim in the water. I didn't get to unfortunately. By the time we had arrived, the sun was going down. What's most amusing is that in order to get to this beach, you had to drive down a one-way, narrow winding road that curved down the mountain. It was precarious, but extremely well worth it.

I'll be adding some stuff to the website this week, possibly even today. I'm going to add some more short stories and pictures, so check back!

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