Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Time to pimp!

Candor by Pam Bachorz is out now! It's getting immense praise, and I'm being slightly hypocritical by recommending it without having read it, but I promise it will be next on my reading list. I already know I'm going to love it because a) the subject matter, and b) Pam is awesome! So everyone check it out and support a new writer!

Aside from friends getting to see their dreams come true, I'm in the midst of dealing with Laptopgate '09. It shuts off about three times a day and since no one seems to want to call me to say, "I loved your resume, please come work for us!" I'm trying to will it to not stop working altogether since I won't be able to afford a new one at the moment.

You know what else doesn't help my laptop situation? My cat. He likes to lay down right by the fan blocking the escaping air. Why?! I know he likes it because it's warm, but come on. Cats. I swear.

Alright, let's see how much writing I can get done before my laptop shuts off again. Good luck to my friend, Lon, as she ventures off to the most amazing script writing expo on the planet. Next year I will be there for sure!

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