Friday, June 11, 2010

updating because yes

My website. I know I've said a million times I'm going to work on it, but the hold up has been my internal debate between continuing it the way it is or moving it to Weebly where it's easier to manage. Plus I love their photo gallery feature. I'm bad at making decisions. :\

I made a super nice looking gif for Winter Lakes!

Winter LakesWinter Lakes

What do you guys think? It's more pretty than creepy but that's okay. Not everything is as it seems in Winter Lakes....

Speaking of Winter Lakes, I'm now in my final revision of it. I have this great system set up where I take Tara's notes and use it as my base as I comb through the story, then after I've made all of those changes I give it to my crit group and they tell me if it works or not. Then they give me those final comments that make me perfect what I have even more, and then that's it. Since I've been working on this story since 2001, I've come to terms with this version of it. I've rewritten this story so many times I've lost count and now it's finally come together. Well in a way... I mean this is only the first book and I have yet to start writing the second in the series. I want to get this final revision done before I work on that.

The first few chapters of Vizcaya (fancy gif forthcoming) went over well at the crit group so I'm going to try and send out query letters for that one again. I love that novel so freakin' much. I don't know about you guys but whenever I write something I usually find myself picking it apart and thinking it didn't come out as well as I had hoped, but Vizcaya was inspired. When I finished it I knew I had done something pretty special, and after I revised it I felt that even more. It makes me smile whenever I go back to re-read it.

I'm hoping that same inspiration strikes again with a couple of the stories in my mind right now. I've been going back and forth on which to start (that darn indecision issue again) and every time I lean toward one, something inspires me to write the other one instead. Crazy. Before both of those though I need to work on another spec script. I read that you should have at least two in case someone's interested in the first one you sent out. I was thinking of writing one for Entourage, but I'm so behind on that show. :( I've been missing my Ari and E fix.

I'll end this update with a big congrats to Lisa!!! She's headed to New York to begin what I know will be a fruitful career in publishing. Best wishes!

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