Monday, October 24, 2011

A Happy October Post

What a crazy, busy month!  Between moving, visiting my sister before she moved far away, and coming down with the flu, I feel like the whole month has gotten away from me.  So let's get to it!

First up, Halloween Horror Nights!  It was so incredibly fun, and this year we took advantage of the Express Pass which meant getting through the lines quicker and being able to see all the houses, plus the Bill & Ted show, with time to spare.  Success!  My favorite houses were the ghost ship house and the Poe house.  The former was like going through a haunted Pirates of the Caribbean, which was awesome, and the latter was fun just for the chance to yell out the title of a Poe story as you entered each new scene.  They really did a great job with it.

This year's HHN theme was "21" in honor of their 21st anniversary. Clever.

Before I forget, let me share two fun sites with you guys.

The first is a blog started by a friend of mine.  She's a fellow writer with some "Cali Confessions" that she's sharing with all of you.  So go to the link and have fun reading!

Cali Confessions

The other site you guys should check out is the official facebook page for PAW (Partnership for Animal Welfare).  If you love dogs and cats, then head over there and like the page, and keep up with the latest PAW happenings.  If you're in the area and are looking for a pet, definitely check out their website.  They do a great job giving you all the information you need to know on these adorable pets.

PAW Facebook Page

And on that note, how about a writing update?

Vizcaya is at the editor!!!  It's now in that most crucial of steps.  We're getting there, guys!
• The "Diamond" story challenge is due again and I came up with a completely new direction that I want it to go in.  I'm off to work on that now, but here's a little sample:

The last time P.K. noticed color was two days ago in Tucson.  She had been working on her brother’s four-wheeled junk pile, tweaking the engine with the old screwdriver their father had left behind right before he disappeared months ago.  As she reached up to grab the hood she noticed the rust, blood red, scathing across the metal where the dusty blue paint once lived.  She thought it was an omen and let the hood fall into place.

The heat index had been climbing all morning and she gauged the temperature to be somewhere around 112, maybe 115.  The days had become hotter, just as the scientists had predicted months ago, and now that her expedition time had come, she thought about how 115 didn’t feel so bad.  If this was the worst it would get, then she could stay.  But it wasn’t the worst.

What do you guys think?