Monday, March 5, 2012

Happy March!

February was an exciting and fun month, but it also ended up being trying due to the early onset of seasonal allergies.  Can it be summer already?

Hopefully by now, Vizcaya is in your hands!  If you've read it, please head over to and and give your honest review!  We have to get the word out so more people pick it up!

Also, I'm now on pinterest!  Here's the link to my boards:

I don't have too much there yet, but I'm sure that will all change as I go madly around the Internet pinning things.

Also, on my author facebook page, I put up a poll as to what kind of Winter Lakes sneak peek you guys would want for March.  Head over there and vote when you get a chance!

So as I mentioned, February was a lot of fun.  One of my BFF's from college came out to visit me.  Unfortunately, I was miserable and sick the whole time due to allergies, and I ended up even getting pink eye!  So here we are, not having seen each other in years, and in our pictures together I have this big pink eye just taking over.  It figures.  She was a good sport about it though, and I hope she had a good time.  I took her to Georgetown and Bethesda, and we went to see her favorite hockey team the San Jose Sharks play against the Washington Capitals.  The Sharks won, so if nothing else, I know she enjoyed that part of the trip!

Also in February, the roomies and I finally lit our first fire in our fireplace.  We managed to do this without burning the place down or killing ourselves.  Success!  We enjoyed a warm evening by the fire, reading books, talking, and making smores.  The cats also loved the fire, and Zack Attack decided to strike his sexiest pose in front of the fireplace, almost as if he was an ad for those late night Time Life romantic music collections.  Observe.

All that's missing is some Marvin playing in the background.
 And on that note, I hope everyone had an allergy free February.  Let's see what March will bring!

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