Wednesday, April 10, 2013

My Comcast Rant

I've just spent two hours trying to resolve my Internet issues with Comcast.  I normally just let things be and don't complain, but they had me do an online survey....

Needless to say, since I was on the phone with them for 2 hours, I had the chance to write all this in their survey while I waited for them to resolve everything.  Oh, Comcast.  Maybe I should break this up into strands and call it Ode to Comcast.

I've had to call Comcast for two separate issues in the past 2 weeks, and
both times I waited through all the menu options, pressed the correct options,
and was disconnected.  It's been impossible to speak to anyone so I've had
to use the online chat, which is a huge problem when my issues is Internet

Today the first representative that I got through to finally was very curt
and did not completely resolve the issue, telling me to call another
department.  I tried but ended up being disconnected yet again.  After
that I went to the online chat.  This person was helpful and I had no
issues with her, unfortunately in order to resolve my issue, I have to call
another Comcast number for my local Comcast. 

I am now waiting for them to pick up and hoping I don't get disconnected
again.  In order to handle this one issue, I have dealt with 2 people,
hopefully about to be 3, called 3 different numbers, did an online chat with a
customer service rep, had to go through the menu more times than I can count,
and it has been well over an hour of my time that I'm not getting back. 
And my issue has yet to be resolved.

Update: I got through to the 3rd person and it turns out that she's not the
right person because the number given to me was the wrong number and just took
me back to the general Comcast number.  She referred me to the local
office, which I told her is who I had been trying to call when I got to
her.  I read her the phone number and she confirmed that the number doesn't
appear to be working.  She is currently trying to help resolve my

Update: Just when I was on the verge of thinking this issue was resolved, I
got hung up on.  Seriously?  Here I go to call again, and go through
the menu system again, and ...

Update: The fourth lady I spoke to was cheery, courteous, understanding, and
very helpful.  She finally resolved my issue!  However, I feel the
need to point out that she did what the first guy I talked to didn't do. 
If he had just done what this lady did, instead of saying he couldn't, and
telling me to call another department, this would've been resolved over an hour
ago.  I've never had anyone at Comcast before tell me they couldn't help
resolve my issues, so this guy was a definite first.  I didn't have a
chance to get his name, but I called in around 6:34 on April 10, 2013 if that's

In closing, it's now 8:38.  I have been dealing with this for the past 2
hours.  That's 2 hours that I wasn't doing what I had originally planned to
do.  Needless to say, I'm not amused at the moment, but I do hope that my
Internet starts to work better, and if it doesn't, I imagine I'll be going
through this all over again.  If I may make a suggestion, please fix your
phones and update your phone number registry for the local offices, possibly all
the offices.

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ComcastCares1 said...

Hi Lina - I apologize for the frustrating experience. What was the number you called and where were you calling from? Will you please let me know by contacting at the email provided below? Please add a link to this page on your reply as a point of reference.


Comcast Corp.
National Customer Operations