Wednesday, August 6, 2014

I Love Instagram, Now What Do I Do With It?

So I'm obsessed with Instagram.  In the world of social media, and more importantly, social media tools most beneficial to authors, I'm not quite sure Instagram would rank highly, but it is definitely the one I love best.  It makes me wonder though, how best can I utilize Instagram as a writer? I follow a few authors (i.e. John Green, Jay Asher), and aside from the occasional writer conference or school visit, there isn't anything specifically "writer" that they take pictures of.  Which is probably for the best.  Imagine an Instagram with just shots of of the words you've written, or your view out the window as you daydream about the story you want to write, but can't find the energy to actually work on. 

As someone who's been taking a picture a day for many years, I find that I try and utilize Instagram for capturing moments of my daily life.  I think ultimately, it's day-to-day life that brings about the biggest inspiration, so something that captures my interest that day, or seeing something new for the first time is picture-worthy, and maybe, down-the-line, in some distant book that I haven't dreamed up yet, that moment will worm its way in.  Who knows? 

Judging from my obscene amount of food pics (I don't really cook, so this means a lot of eating out), in the future I'll probably end up writing some crazy novel set in a restaurant or two.  Hm, maybe I can have a lead character who's a food critic, and runs a food blog, and is very unhappy because she's a picky eater and the real reason she eats in different places and tries different things is because she's just trying to like something or anything at all.

I'll leave you guys with some of my best food shots from my Instagram: